Microtronik Autohex II BMW WVCI HW4 Diagnostic Scan Coding Programming Tool Standard Package



Manufacturer Microtronik
Product Type Key Programmer

Original Microtronik Autohex Ii Hw4 Bmw Full Package

Autohex Ii For Bmw Is Filled With Advanced Functions Which Will Assist You To Unravel Problems You Thought They’re Out Of Your Hands.
Autohex Ii Hw4 And Full Functions Available In Bmw From Isn Read-write To Key Programming And Bmw Ecu Programming And Coding (Hextag Is Included).

Using Microtronik Autohex Ii Bmw Full Package You’ll Do As Follows:
● Read Old Isn In Bmw E Series For Following Ecus: D62m57a0, D62m57b0, D60psa0, D50m57a0, D50m57e1, D60m47a0, D60m57a0, Mev9n46l, Me9n45, Me9n62, Me9e65_6, N73_l0, N73_r0, Me9n62_2, Msv70, Ms450ds0, N62_tue, N62_tue2.
● Read Long Isn (Sk) In Bmw E Series From Following Ecus: Msv80, Msd80, Msd81, Msd85, Msd85y, Mss60, Mevd176k, Me17n45, Med17_2, Med17_2n, Mev17_2, Mev17n46, Mevd174k, Mevd174kw, Mv1722, Mvd1722, Mevd172, Mevd1724, Mevd1725, Mevd172y, Mevd17kw, D70n47a0, D70n47b0, D71n47a0, D71n47b0, D71n47c0, D71n47d0, D72n47a0, D72n47b0, D73n47a0, D73n57a0, D73n57b0, D73n57c0, D73n57d0
● Read Long Isn (Sk) In Bmw F Series From Following Ecus: Mevd172y, Mevd172, Mevd1724, Mevd1725, N63tu_l0, N63tu_r0, S63tu_l0, S63tu_r0
● Read/write Long Isn (Sk) In Bmw E And F Series On Bench Using Factory Mode. No Got To Open The Dme/dde (Only Autohex Ii Can Do That Function)
● Isn Reading From Tricore Ecus By Boot Mode.
● Individual Programming For Any Ecu In Bmw E And F Series
● Ecu Swapping If The Hardware Is Matched.
● Cas1, Cas2, Cas3, And Cas3+ Read And Write Isn And Sk
● Key Programming For E And F Series (Cas1, Cas2, Cas3, Cas3+, Cas4, Cas4+, Fem, Bdc)
● Bmw E Series Egs Isn Matching With Cas
● Bmw F Series Egs 6hp And 8hp Ews Resetting
● Bmw E Series, F Series, And G Series Coding For All Ecus (Calculation Of Ecucoding Is Calculated From Fa)
● Bmw Advanced Coding (Manual Coding)
● Vehicle Order Modification And Backup And Restore From Lm, Frm,…etc
● To Diagnose And Repair Functions From Autohex Ii (Read And Erase Fault Codes, Data Stream Values, Activations, Reset Adaptation,…)
● Use Bmw Ista-d On Autohex Ii Wvci (Bmw Ista-d Driver)
● Unlock Security Of Bdc And Fem To Able To: Change Bdc And Fem Vin, Change Bdc And Fem Isn, Mileage Reset For Bdc And Fem, And Making A Key For Bdc And Fem.
● Read And Write Isn Of Msd85, Msd87, Msv90 In F Series.
● Ecu Cloning/tuning For A Good Range Of Brands. This Function Is Free For 90 Days (Check Supported Ecu List).
● Read And Write Cas 1,2,3,4 Eeprom And Flash 100% Safely Using The Hextag Tool.
● Read And Write Other Modules From Bmw, Mercedes, Audi, Et Al. Bdm Protocol By Hextag Tool
● Modify Kombi Mileage By Hextag Tool
● Renew All Bmw Keys And Lots Of Other Brands With The Hextag Tool.

1. Hextag Ecu Cloning Function Is Free For 90 Days Only.
After 90 Days, Ecu Cloning License Will Cost $1000, And $350 For The Annual Update Fee.
2. We Provide One Year Warranty, While A Return For A Refund Isn’t Acceptable.

Microtronik Autohex Ii Bmw Full Functions:

Programming Bmw Ecu Individually
Bmw Ecu Programming Is Straightforward To Use With Autohex Ii, It Performs Flashing The Ecu With The Newest Version, Code It, Change Vin, And Other Functions In One Step

Bmw Isn Reader & Writer Software
Bmw Isn Editor Software In Autohex Ii Allows You To Read Isn From Dme, Match It With Cas. This Is Often Essential For Dme Or Cas Replacement, Autohex Reads Isn From A Good Range Of Dme/dde

Coding Bmw Ecu Individually
Autohex Ii Ecu Coding For Bmw May Be A Straightforward Function, You’ll Choose From Auto And Manual Coding To Encode The Ecu You Would Like

Bmw Ecu Manual Coding
Autohex Ii Bmw Software Can Do Two Methods Of Ecu Coding, Auto Coding Which Can Be Calculated From Fa, And Manual Coding For Ecu Modification

Bmw Vehicle Order Editor
Autohex Ii Bmw Software Can Write Fa Into Cas From Other Ecu, Backup Fa In Other Ecus, Also You’ll Modify The Vehicle Order Safely

Bmw Egs Isn Synchronization
Autohex Ii Supports Egs Ews Reset For 6hp In E Series And Egs Ews Reset For 8hp In F And G Series, Only A Couple Of Steps Are Required

Cas Firmware
For Making Keys, Reading Isn, And Changing Vin For Cas Which Comes With Specified Part Numbers, Won’t Work Just Through Direct Reading, Cas Firmware Function Should Be Done To Form It Work

Bmw Key Programming E Series And Mini
Bmw Key Programming By Autohex Ii Is Completed By Obd, No Dump Is Required. Including Cas With The Newest Update And Every One Key Lost. It Supports All Bmw Models Also As Mini Cooper.

Fem & Bdc Unlocking
Autohex Ii Is That The Only Tool Which Will Unlock Fem/bdc Without Soldering, And It’s The Sole Tool That Regenerates A Secret File, And Therefore The Only Tool Which Will Restore Fem Back

Microtronik Autohex Ii Bmw Latest Update Information:

Autohex Ii Bmw Diagnostic Software Version 1.0.56
Isn Factory Mode For Mev1723 Dme (Mini And F Series) Has Been Added During This Version.
Egs Ews Reset Function Can Support More Versions Of Egs Within The F And G Series.
Usb Driver Has Been Upgraded To Support The Newest Versions Of Windows 10.
The Power Supply Monitor In Autohex Ii Hw4 Has Been Improved To Permit The Poor Power Supply
To Be Ready To Work With Autohex.

Autohex Ii Bmw Diagnostic Software Version 1.0.55
Isn Factory Mode Is Out There During This Version. With This Function, You’ll Read/write
Isn In Dme And Dde Besides Modifying The Working Hours Without Opening The Dme/dde.
We Are Happy To Announce That Autohex Ii Is That The Only Tool That Supports This Feature.
Flash Data Updated For Bmw F And G Series Also As Mini And Rolls Royce.
Ecus Calculations From Bmw Vehicle Orders Are Enhanced To Support The Newest Models Within The F And G Series.
Isn By Obd Ii For The F Series Has Been Enhanced To Support More Ecus Versions.
Isn Boot Mode Has Another Dde To Support.

Autohex Ii Bmw Diagnostic Software Version 1.0.54
A New Function For Replacing Fem/bdc (Including Key Transferring From Original To Donor) Is Out There During This Version, Users Can Use This Function From Cas Replacement.
Deleting Keys From Cas4, Cas4+ Fem, And Bdc Is Out There During This Version, Users Can Use This Function From Key Programming.
Fixed The Fa Parsing For Brand Spanking New Models (2018-2019) Within The F And G Series.
The Turkish Language Is Supported Ranging From This Version.
Other Languages Are Updated During This Version.

Autohex Ii Bmw Diagnostic Software Version 1.0.48
Added Following Models For Coding And Programming: F23, F88, F90, F97, F98, G01, G02, G08, G11, G12, G13, G30, G31, G32, G38.
Mileage Reset For Fem And Bdc Is Out There From Unlocking Function (See Picture).
Isn Is Often Written In Fem And Bdc (From Isn Manager)
Added New Diagrams In Isn Boot Mode To Assist Hw4 Users In Making The Connections.

Autohex Bmw Version 1.0.47
A New Enhanced Software Version Is Out There For All Bmw Autohex Users Which Rectified All Issues Regarding Fem/bdc Unlock And More Stabilized For Programming Ecu Using E-net.
Unlike The Old Versions Getting A Secret File From Fem/bdc Are Often Done All On The Bench.
No Got To Choose A Complicated Option For Unlocking.
The Software Has Become 100% Safer And Stable For Programming Fem – Gw And Fem – Body On The Bench With No Working Key.
Also, Ethernet Allows Users To Flash Units Like Hu-h, Kombi..etc Within The F Series During A Reduced Period With No Error.

Microtronik Autohex Ii Bmw Reviews:

Review 1:
Well, They Both Have Functions That The Opposite Can’t Do. I Even Have Explorer And Therefore The Main Reason For That’s That I Don’t Need A Yearly Subscription.
With Low Info From The Autohex Side On This Subscription I Chose Explorer.
And It Never Failed On Me, Also Support Is There Not Always Instant Reply But I Can Accept That. Also, It’s Impossible To Seek Out A Tool That Will Do Everything…

Review 2:
Autohex2 – Very Friendly Interface It’ll Assist You Tons. I Using It Mainly For The Isn Job And Therefore The Key Making. It Does More Ecu Than The Explorer Eg: Mev1723.
Akl For Many Of The E Series You’ll Do Entirely Via Obd. Downgrade The Cas Never Failed On My Behalf Of Me. Even So, You’ll Easily Fix It With Autohex.

Review 3:
From My Personal Experience, I Will Be Able To Advise Anyone To Shop For Autohex Because I Call It Idiot Proof. After All, It’s The Safest And Most Friendly, And Therefore The Support Is Usually There.

Microtronik Autohex Ii Bmw Technical Parameters:

Processor Arm Cortex M3
Power Supply 8-18v
Power Consumption 2.5 -3.5w
Max Working Temperature 50 ℃
Diagnostic Socket Eobd Ii16 Pins
Host Interface Full Speed 12mbps Usb 2.0
Wireless Connection Wi-fi 802.11 B/g/n
Operating System Win7, Win8 And Win10

Microtronik Autohex Ii Bmw Full Package List:

Autohex II Hardware WVCI HW 4
BMW Software Standard License
BMW ISTA/D driver to run dealer software
1 year technical support
1 year hardware warranty