The Automotive Locksmith Academy of Canada (ALAC) is registered as a private college to provide professional technical training in the field of Automotive Locksmithing and Programming.

This training is designed to introduce and enhance the trade of automotive locksmithing and programming from beginners to professionals through knowledge and practical exercises.

Basic training courses for individuals who wish to venture into the automotive locksmith space as well as advanced level specialty courses for individuals who wish to improve their skills are available.

Specialty courses to tackle some of the most difficult vehicles to program in the market today (the European market) are offered here.

Certificates are awarded to students after successful completion of the training courses.


The minimum requirement for a prospective student is as follows:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Proof of post-secondary or equivalent education
  • Proof of Clean Criminal Record Check

It is advisable to enroll ahead of time due to the limited number of students per training course.

To get started enroll for a course(s)